By Upsocl
julio 9, 2020

Elsie became an orphan after her mom died in a car accident. Thanks to the help of a woman who adopted and raised her, this animal is almost ready to return to nature.

A terrible car accident gave way to a sweet and reassuring love story for animals.

This cute baby wombat is named Elsie, and she was rescued from her dead mother’s pouch after she was run over on an Australian highway.


It all happened in mid-March when a kind passerby discovered the poor baby who was left completely alone in this world. The fact that Elsie survived the impact already seemed like a miracle, but the little baby wouldn’t survive much longer alone without her mother.

Fortunately, the person who found her immediately took her to ACT Wildlife, Canberra’s only wildlife care group, where they welcomed her and fought to keep her alive.


The task didn’t seem easy. The little wombat was very underweight and weak, so she was taken to a veterinary emergency clinic. Her caregivers were unsure that she’d survive her situation, but Elsie proved to be a true fighter.

Lindy, a woman who worked at the animal shelter and took in the injured animal, took care of it and raised it as if it were her own daughter. Thanks to this self-proclaimed “crazy wombat lady”, Elsie received all the attention she needed to get ahead.


“She was rescued by a member of the public who saw the dead mother (hit by a car) by the road. She removed Elsie from the pouch and brought her to ACT Wildlife, which is the wildlife rescue and care group in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory),” Lindy told Bored Panda.

«Elsie was almost three months old and 120 g (they are born about the size of a bean and only a few grams). She had no injuries from the accident, with the exception of some damage to the inside of her mouth after the accident. But she had wombat herpes (almost half of wild wombats have this) and a staph infection, so she needed treatment for those right away,” she added.


“Her vet care has been provided by some amazing local vets at no cost to our charity. We are incredibly grateful for this support,” said Lindy.

The woman took care of feeding, caressing and keeping Elsie warm, who every day showed improvements that used to seem impossible. Today, after 6 months of intense care and therapy, the little animal is a happy creature that’s about to be released back into nature.


“Elsie was so undeveloped when she came in that she was just a little being who needed to be kept alive. In the last few weeks, she’s become aware and begun developing a personality. She loves to be cuddled but doesn’t like to be picked up without being in her wraps.”

«She’s sleeping in a baby crib in a heated bed and her fur is coming through. She started to walk this week. She’s only awake for up to an hour each day.

Elsie has found her new “mom”, Helen, who will take care of her over the next year or two until she’s independent enough to be released again.


After a terrible start, Elsie’s story will have a happy ending thanks to Lindy and other volunteers who gave their all to save her.