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mayo 12, 2020

It’s not funny, it’s cruel. «Education is the strangest service, people pay for it, but they don’t want to receive it,» said teacher Humberto de la Cruz after learning that he’d been a victim of his students.

Carrying out our daily activities during a pandemic is very difficult. In addition to the stress caused by this situation, we must continue to work and study. The latter has become an issue since virtual classes have started.

In Colombia, a senior teacher, Humberto de la Cruz, was the victim of a “joke” by his students during an online class. One of the young men asked him to turn on his microphone and when the teacher asked how to do this, he guided him incorrectly. The old man ended up accidentally exiting out of the conversation.

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Without caring for Humberto’s effort, the student said to him: «Professor, I can’t hear you well, press Ctrl + F4 to activate the microphone.»

The teacher trusted the young man, pressing the command. After the window closed, the other students burst out laughing, mocking him.

Instagram @mundodecuriosos

Look at the video:

The Pascual Bravo University professor spent several days studying to learn how to use the Zoom video call application to be able to better impart knowledge to his students.

It was his children who made the unfortunate situation known on social media, speaking out against the humiliation he had suffered as a teacher. Users were visibly outraged in the comments.

Instagram @mundodecuriosos

“My father has been a university professor for many years. It hasn’t been easy for him to adapt to this extraordinary situation, he never gives a class without rigorously preparing it. In this COVID-19 contingency, much more has been demanded from his preparation. He’s stayed up late these last days working with dedication and discipline to better understand digital tools. My sister and I have helped him with great patience,” they shared in a post that quickly went viral.

“After the incident and upon explaining to him what had really happened, our Dad sat down with us and told us with deep pain and sadness that “education was the strangest service: people pay for it, but they don’t want to receive it,» they continued.

Instagram @mundodecuriosos

This is one of several videos and testimonies that have emerged during the quarantine where students make fun of teachers during their online classes. They, like everyone, deserve respect and playing pranks on them isn’t funny. They’re just trying to do their job, let’s help each other.