By Upsocl
diciembre 23, 2020

Minutes away from the exam, the girl hadn’t been able to find a hand model and was ready to give up on the course. However, her father stepped in to save her, and unlike many traditional men, he didn’t mind having his nails done: he would do anything for her.

There are many parents who would do anything for their children, to see them happy and content. A great example of this happening recently has emerged, straight from the city of León, in Guanajuato (Mexico).

Jessica, a city girl who was taking nail painting classes, was a bit desperate because she had to take a virtual exam that very afternoon and didn’t have a hand model to paint. According to Jessica’s brother, Omar, her neighbors refused to help her, even though it meant they’d receive a free manicure.

However, the girl didn’t expect to find the solution in her own home, just as her brother said on social media.

“Her exam was at 6 o’clock, and she was desperate because she didn’t have a model. She thought she’d already failed. So, my dad sat down at his little table and said, ‘I’ll be your model'”.

Omar, the nail artist’s brother, on social media.

That’s right, her father kindly offered himself as a model. Many might think that the man would think in traditional gender terms due his age, but, fortunately, that wasn’t the case.


The man sat down and made his hands available to his daughter so that she wouldn’t fail her course. Of course, there was also another good reason to support her.

“There he is, patient, waiting for Jessica to finish his nails (…) it’s worth mentioning that my mother passed away three years ago and it’s just me, my dad and my sister.”

Omar, the nail artist’s brother, on social media.


Omar says that his father is capable of doing anything for them, and he’s proven this. We hope Jessica passed the course!