By Upsocl
abril 21, 2020

They fulfilled their lifetime dream: They’re mortgage-free and have a wonderful home.

Many people dream about retiring peacefully, without any worries or debt. Unfortunately, few succeed. They end up being consumed by the system and tossing their desires aside. Jaimie and Dave are the clear example that this is possible. They managed to do it themselves.

They were tired of being in debt. Just thinking about paying a mortgage saddened them. However, they fought against the current and decided to build a house in the middle of a field. Using transport containers in a sustainable way, they achieved their lifetime dream.

If you thought that their house would be any less cute because it’s made from recycled materials, you were wrong. They built it with their own hands, looking into each and every detail that they custom-made. The results are simply amazing. They have an enviable home.

It’s the ideal size for a couple. They have a spacious terrace and don’t get me started on their incredible patio! They have an entire forest to contemplate and relax in.

YouTube Living Big In A Tiny House

The most important thing for them was to live debt-free and they accomplished this. It’s very simple: They achieved what 99.9% of adults wish for.

They’re free in every way. They have the tranquility they’ve always wanted and they’ve «conquered» the system that crushes many people’s dreams.

YouTube Living Big In A Tiny House

It obviously wasn’t all easy. They always wanted to do it, but materializing this idea was almost a utopia for them. When Dave (the husband) suffered a brain hemorrhage, they thought the project would never happen.

However, this was the push they needed. Together, they overcame his disease and finally opened their eyes: you only live once, and you have to do the things you want to do. As the saying goes, you have to jump into the pool.

YouTube Living Big In A Tiny House

Building their dream was like therapy for Dave. When it was time to inaugurate their home, they realized that it was all worth it. See, you don’t have to bow down to «destiny».

In many parts of the world, their story inspires people who seek peace and tranquility, just like Dave and Jaimie, in a life free from debt.