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septiembre 14, 2021

Taskin Dasdan, an employee of a luxury hotel where he has worked since 1990, became close friends with Charles George Courtney, a Briton who vacationed year after year in Turkey. In addition to him, some of the money went to other workers there.

Employees working in luxury hotels around the world are in permanent contact with wealthy people who are looking for a few days of relaxation. This is how several stories arise between hotel bellboys and some of the people who stay in these hotels.

Some of these guests tend to return to the same place every year, so they form certain close relationships with the workers. That’s what happened to Taskin Dasdan, a bell boy at the Korumar Hotel De Luxe, who has been working at the luxury hotel in Turkey since 1990.

Facebook Taskin Dasdan

According to information from the Daily Mail, the employee became good friends with Charles George Courtney, an 87-year-old British man who stayed at the same hotel every time he went on holiday.

The two became good friends and began a beautiful friendship that lasted for decades. According to the Turiz Majansi media, Taskin explained that the old Briton had always been generous to him and had already given him money to pay for his children’s school fees.

However, after Charles passed away, Taskin got a big surprise: he was called on the phone from England because he was in the will the British man left before he died and would receive a main part of the inheritance.

A sum of cash went to the hotel clerk, even though the amount wasn’t specified. In fact, a smaller percentage even went to his co-workers, who also knew Charles.

Facebook Taskin Dasdan

“He treated us as if we were part of his own family. He even contributed to my children’s education. We were thrilled, of course.” Taskin said.

The bellboy explained to the Turkish press that the amount of money was so large that it was enough to cover all his expenses for the rest of his life, so he could very well never work again.

Charles George Courtney

The guest was so beloved by the staff of the Korumar Hotel De Luxe that room number 401, where Charles stayed every year, was renamed “Charlie’s Room” as a way of paying tribute to him.