By Upsocl
abril 14, 2020

Your eyes aren’t fooling you: that’s Adolf Hitler himself. Maybe he took the same picture you did.

Generally, when we want to learn about history, we turn to our books or the internet. However, how many times are we surrounded by history, not knowing the important milestones that have happened right where we’re standing?

Many times, we want to go on vacation to the incredible places we see on social media. Of course, we do! The pictures our friends or acquaintances have taken leave us speechless because of the beauty and culture of these different locations.

However, how many times do we let ourselves be carried away just by a book’s cover without knowing what’s inside? This happens much more often than you think. Most people take pictures in places that, far from bringing us nice memories, transport us to macabre scenes that will always be remembered for the suffering of others that happened there.

Below, you can see how different places around the world were years ago before becoming tourist locations.

1. On their way to free Paris


Today they’re residential streets, but during World War II, thousands of troops passed through these same streets on their way to Paris, as they functioned as the Allies’ entrance to the city.

2. This used to be a bookstore.


What you see in the photo is a totally unexpected change. Many years ago, this place was a bookstore. Since then, it’s made a complete 180 and is now a sex shop.

3. Place de la Concorde in Paris


This is one of the largest and most important squares in the French capital, as it’s witnessed many relevant events from the European wars.

4. Normandy


Many times, we travel aroun these territories without really knowing its history. Many events that marked the course of history occurred in this French city during times of war.

5. France under authority’s control


If we look at this image, a classic PlayStation game comes to mind, the famous Medal of Honor: European Assault. The famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris represents much more than just an example of well-made architecture, it hides a lot of history.

6. Budapest


The Hungarian capital witnessed many military operations that happened during World War II. Most likely, all the tourists who visit it will take thousands of photographs without knowing the important events that occurred in the city.

7. The shadow of love


Seeing this photo is like taking a trip to the past. An image is worth a thousand words as it captures a memory.

8. The battle of Normandy


Today, it’s perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in France, but it hides very powerful history. The invasion of this beach is remembered as “D-Day” or Operation Overlord. It was carried out by the Allies during World War II and it ended up freeing the Western Europe territories.

9. Operation ‘Market Garden’


This famous mission was carried out by the Allied Forces during the Second World War. Many paratroopers fell over the Netherlands. The operation became known for its failure.

10. The Powder Tower


This used to be the main entrance to the Czech capital, Prague. This was a strategic location used to protect the city from invasion and enemy attacks. When we visit and go through it, we’ll be walking through places where many military forces once stood.

11. From leader to prisoner


In this photo, you can see Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested in 1914 after presenting a petition to the King of England.

12. Daddy, don’t leave


This image was taken by Claude P. Dettloff in 1940, on Eight Street in New Westminster, one year after World War II began. It’s especially striking because it shows the devastating scene of a boy running after his father, who is separated from him to go to combat.

13. It wasn’t always a paradise


When it comes to summer vacation, many decide to visit the incredible European beaches. A great destination is the Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer beach in France, a place that today is perfect to relax and sunbathe but that many years ago saw much death and destruction.

14. The Zeppelin Hindenburg explosion


 The LZ 129 Hindenburg airship operated commercially in Germany, but many years ago, on one of its trips, it suffered a terrible accident. Unfortunately, the Hindenburg leader and all of the passengers traveling on it died.

15. The wall in front of the door


Without a doubt, this must be the most famous wall in history, since between 1961 and 1989 it divided the German capital into two. Today thousands of tourists visit it and can see real fragments of the wall, with writings and drawings of the time. In this photograph, you can also see the historic Brandenburg Gate behind the wall.

16. Through Lincoln’s eyes



If we visit the American capital, memories of Forrest Gump come to mind. If we went back in time and sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the image would be much more dense. Washington’s history is very powerful.

17. Hitler was here


If you go to Paris, taking a photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background is a must. However, we often don’t know what happened there. Most likely, Hitler’s ghost will appear in all our photos.

18. This was Berlin


In this city, we walk among ghosts. In general, when we visit it, we’re not really aware of how impacting the history of this place is. This city experienced an incredible amount of drama during war times.

19. Barcelona


The capital of the Catalonian region is one of the most visited cities in Europe. If we look at it carefully, the photo above is very powerful. In it, dead horses are being used as trenches, something that is unthought of these days.

20. German planes in Paris


It’s no mystery that the French capital was occupied by the German Nazis in World War II. This image clearly shows the planes that the Germans used to attack and invade Paris.

We will definitely research twice now before taking a picture of ourselves at a tourist spot. We’ll never know for sure the entire history of the places that preceded us.