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julio 14, 2021

Michele Elizaga left all prejudices behind, and without having a partner, she decided years ago to spend all her money on a sperm donor. Today, she enjoys motherhood with her son Matthew, who has Down syndrome.

Many women in the world prefer not to have children and put other dreams first, but of course, there are others who dream of motherhood but find it impossible to have children. However, many mothers set an example with “different types of motherhood”, and they are no less of a mother for that.

One of these cases is Michele Elizaga, a 43-year-old woman who decided to spend all her life savings to become a mother without the need for a partner. Through sperm donation, she found a way to make her dream come true.

Instagram @micheleelizaga

Michele spent many years waiting for the love of her life to start a family, believing she needed a man to fulfill her dreams. However, that all changed when she turned 40 and realized she couldn’t put it off any longer.

At that point, she got bored of waiting for “that perfect partner” and decided to fulfill her desire to become a mother on her own. So, she scraped together the nearly $5,000 she had saved up to find a sperm donor.

Instagram @micheleelizaga

“I was in Costa Rica to celebrate my 40th birthday. We were talking about how much I would like to do it to become a mother and I was afraid that time was running out, then one of my friends said something that shocked me; they told me that I could have a child without needing a partner. The next day I woke up with the idea of having a baby and I felt the need to pursue this goal,” Michele said of the decision.

She said she had “never been married and it had been a long time since her last relationship”, and while she’d always believed she’d get married and have children with the love of her life, she eventually realized that decision didn’t work for her.

Instagram @micheleelizaga

Two years after her 40th birthday, Michele now celebrates with her son Matthew, who was born with Down syndrome:

“I would not change him for anything in the world, and I could not imagine him in any other way. Motherhood was an experience that gave me power and I was amazed by my strength and ability as a mother of a child with special needs.

— Michele Elizaga says on Instagram—.

Instagram @micheleelizaga

Currently, Michele and Matthew’s Instagram is dedicated to empowering so many other women who want to be mothers but feel insecure because they don’t have a partner. For this single mother, she always knew motherhood was her path.

We don’t doubt it at all!