By Upsocl
noviembre 18, 2021

Argentine journalist Agustina Kämpfer and her friend, chef Agustín Badaracco, had a son thanks to the fruit of their solid friendship. Although it was by natural conception, the mother says that they were never together again, and they raise their little one just as friends.

Today, families are diverse and that is celebrated. There is no longer that old conception that children have to come into the world thanks to a father and a mother, who had to be married, or at least in a relationship. However, despite all that diversity, little has been heard of friends deciding to have children together.

Although it’s something that doesn’t sound so far-fetched and that might even work very well, the truth is that we haven’t read testimonies of friends who’ve actually had children together and lived to tell about it. Such is the case of Agustina Kämpfer and her friend, chef Agustín Badaracco.

Instagram @agustinakampfer

In 2017, the Argentine journalist surprised her loved ones by sharing with them that she was expecting her first child, despite the fact that at that time she wasn’t dating anyone and had recently gone through a breakup. However, after all the mystery surrounding the father of her baby, Agustina decided to reveal that she was doing this with her best friend.

Instagram @agustinakampfer

They both longed to become parents, but neither had found the right partner or the ideal time to do it until they met again and made the decision:

“With Agustín, we were sort of boyfriend and girlfriend as teenagers, but I consider him more my friend than my boyfriend because what we had was fleeting and innocent. Throughout all these years, we were always in touch (he lives in Mexico) and we had many partners… We told each other and shared everything. We have a lot in common. The reunion was at the end of January, when I came back from India, and he came to visit his family. It was between magical and unexpected because we talked about having a child with a lot of maturity but we didn’t think it was going to happen so quickly.” 

—Said Agustina Kämpfer—.

Although Agustina kept the way they conceived Juan, their son, private, after two years, she confessed that it wasn’t due to artificial insemination, as many assumed, but instead the result of an encounter between the two of them.

It was by natural conception, driven by the desire we both had to have a child. We were never a couple. We will never be a couple. With Agustín, we were only together that one time to have a child. It happened quickly,” the mother explained to Nosotros a la mañana

Instagram @agustinakampfer

Currently, she and Agustín share Juan’s upbringing and consider themselves a family like any other: “We are a family of two friends who decided to have a child together with all this love. I don’t need Agus to be the man I hope for in life, nor I the woman he wants because we just want to be the best parents in the world”.

What a beautiful family formed in love!