By Upsocl
septiembre 15, 2021

Thanks to a camera installed on her front door, Jade discovered her potential boyfriend’s bad behavior. Using her popular TikTok account, she told all her followers that this careless man had lost his chance with her.

No one can deny that things have changed a lot and that women no longer have the same submissive, passive role they had in previous decades. Women’s various social movements, as well as their individual attitudes, have made it clear that they are tired of not being respected and that it’s time for them to start demanding their rights.

Despite this, there are some rules of behavior that, even if they are sometimes mixed up with the ones we’ve already left behind, still need to be respected.


One of them is the fact that if a man goes out with a woman, the least he should do is make sure she gets home safely. Dropping her off in a car himself is ideal; accompanying her on some form of public transport is the next best thing.

However, at the very least, he should escort her to the door and wait until she has safely entered her home.


That’s exactly what Jade’s date, a popular Tiktoker, didn’t do. Telling her story to her 5,000 followers, Jade recounted how the person who had seemed so normal and respectable during their date turned out to be a careless person. The thing is, to find out, she had to use a device he probably wasn’t even aware of.


It was when she checked the camera installed on her front door the next day that Jade discovered the detail that ended the potential partner’s chances. True, he drove her back to her house, but as soon as she got out of the car, he continued on his way.

As Jade detailed in the video, the least he could’ve done was wait for her to get in safely:

“When your date doesn’t wait for you to get in your house before driving away. I am ghosting”

–Jade on TikTok


There is a valuable lesson to be learned from Jade’s actions: gentlemanly gestures only work when done consciously and in the right way. That guy may have gone to pick her up in his car, but by not waiting for her, he demonstrated the true intention behind that gesture: to impress her.

What he should’ve considered is that the best way to impress Jade would’ve been to care about her.