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febrero 19, 2021

“If you look at it, the carrot grew perfectly around the ring. It was pretty weird-looking,” says the daughter-in-law of the protagonist of this story

Seventeen years ago, Mary Grams from Alberta, Canada, was working on her farm as she does every day, when she lost her wedding ring in the dirt. No matter how hard she looked for it, she couldn’t find it.

She gave up, but there was one thing she’d never let happen: she wouldn’t allow her husband to find out she’d lost it.

This is Mary.


She decided she’d go out and buy a new ring that was extremely similar to the one her husband had given her in 1951 when he proposed to her so that he’d never know about the loss.

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Over the years Mary forgot her lost ring until her daughter-in-law found it while working on the family farm. However, she didn’t find it just anywhere but inside a carrot.

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“I knew it had to belong to either grandma or my mother-in-law because no other women have lived on that farm. If you look at it, the carrot grew perfectly around the ring. It was pretty weird-looking.”

-Colleen Daley, Mary’s daughter-in-law to Global News.

Global News

The ring remained intact, with no sign of having been affected in the 13 years it was in the ground or throughout the carrot’s growth.

Mary changed her jewelry and ditched the replacement she bought in 2004 to wear her engagement ring again, claiming that it still fits her.


Unfortunately, her husband had passed away, so he had no way of knowing that his wife had lost the ring long ago, nor that she’d recovered it in this particular way.