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mayo 12, 2022

After Braelyn was born, he had to live in a foster family for a while. After his biological father won custody, he didn’t want him to grow up without Julie, “I’m not his mom, but I’m like a mom to him,” she said.

Divorces and separations are often very painful, especially when a child is involved. That’s when disputes often go all the way to family court to determine who gets custody of those children.

There are times when one partner in a couple or marriage fights for custody of a child, as happened to Braelyn’s father, whose son had a difficult first few years of life.

Julie Long

According to information from Love What Matters, this baby couldn’t be cared for by his mother, so he was placed with a foster family where Julie Long took care of him for a while.

Julie’s family has been certified as a foster family for eight years. During this time, she has had to take care of many children on a temporary basis.

Julie Long

Braelyn, a newborn, was one of the children she took in. Julie had to care for him for the first few years of his life until his biological father gained full custody of him, so she knew that the time would come when she would never see him again, as had happened with previous children.

However, interestingly enough, the story took an unexpected turn. The baby’s father hired Julie as his nanny while he went to work, so their lives were reunited.

Julie Long

“He calls me Mama Julie, which I love. I’m not his mom, but I’m like a mom to him. The only mom he knows,” explained Julie, who always thought she would never see Braelyn again in her life.

Julie Long

 This case is very different from her work over the past eight years, where she has had to say goodbye to many babies and children she has raised since they’ve gone on to permanent foster families or to biological families.

“The hardest part is saying goodbye, hands down. Every time I go through that, I go through a grieving process. I feel like there are little pieces of my heart running around and they have no idea. All of our foster children have been under four years old, so most of them don’t remember us,” she said.

Meanwhile, Julie has been at every important stage of the baby’s development. “I have loved being a part of all his ‘firsts’. He has me kiss all his boo-boos and give him hugs,” she said.